Partnered Executive Coaching

Conscious leadership

Executive Coaching that is private, personal and partnered - “It can be isolating at the top”.

I work with Executives that are above average driven, sometimes perfectionistic, often controlling and as well care deeply for their people, their organization and often the world at large. These are leaders who are or want to be more Conscious Leaders.

Conscious leadership is about bringing one's whole self and with total awareness to the leadership position. Conscious leaders focus on others and realize that their role is to create a culture of trust, care and expansive influence in addition to bottom line results. Sometimes this mission they carry can come at a high cost to self.

Usually what these leaders rely on me as their coach is to create one of those rare moments in their day where we slow time down and hold a space for partnered thinking, reflection and meaningful coaching conversation. I listen to what you are saying (or not saying but would like to).  I can be one of the few people with whom you can be honest, transparent and vulnerable. As well someone that won’t skirt addressing your blind spots, reactive tendencies and where gaps are getting in your way. Someone that has no bias in offering straight forward talk.

Often these leaders I am so privileged to work with also want to talk about how to find more peace, better live their values, make time for the people they love and take a little better care of themselves including a good nights sleep.

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