Leadership & Executive Coaching

Transforming the way you lead

Coaching that deepens your awareness, creates growth and accelerates your development.

Beth Cory’s executive and leadership coaching is a transformative experience that is a highly interactive process that engages leaders.

Her partnering is with a strong presences, a laser focus, both lightness and depth and usually some laughter.

The work is organized around strengthening the Creative Competencies that connects to the leader’s effectiveness, fulfillment and high achievement leadership.

In addition to developing creative competencies, the work in coaching get curious around the leaders thinking, behaviors and internal assumptions. It is an in-depth exploration around:

Creative Competencies 
These competencies are highly conflated which are highly correlated to leadership effectiveness and business results.

RELATING - caring connections, team play, collaboration, developing, interpersonal intelligence
SELF-AWARENESS - selfless leader, balance, composure,
AUTHENTICITY- courage, integrity
SYSTEM AWARENESS - systems thinker, sustainable productive
ACHIEVING - decisiveness, purpose, vision, focus

Coaching allows explores Reactive Tendencies, inner beliefs and assumptions that limit effectiveness, authentic expression and empowering leadership.
These tendencies are:
CONTROLLING - ambition, autocratic, perfectionism, driven
COMPLYING - pleasing, passive, belonging
PROTECTING - arrogance, critical, distance

Organizations, leaders and individuals engage Beth for results. Her clients experience results that come from a mutual partnership and with a goal to develop, up-level performance, fulfillment and effectiveness.

A by-product seems to be a huge swing in overall well being.

Coaching engagements are customized to the specific and unique needs of the leader and organization. I would be delighted to learn more and make well matched recommendations for the best program and outcomes.

If improved effectiveness, expanded competencies and better overall well being is something you are looking for, let’s talk.

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