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Dresden Goldberg
Director, Programs and Operations, The University of Texas at Dallas

Beth took me on a journey during each of our sessions. She helped me get to the bottom of why I was approaching things the way I was and helped me remove mental roadblocks that I hadn't recognized. So frequently, we ended up focusing on my own mindset. Things that I felt were "problems" became opportunities and things that I felt were my weaknesses became positive. I embraced my specific skillset and it has already helped me grow in my career. I believe her coaching was extremely valuable and am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her.

Kelli Walter
Senior Vice President at Partners Capital

There are numerous things to say about my wonderful coaching with Beth. She comforted me, taught me, pushed me, created space for discovery, and always - in every lesson - invoked laughter. Each session with Beth caused me to think, ponder, slow down, breathe and reflect - actions that are so difficult in our overstimulated world.

We covered so much ground - always touching on what was relevant in that moment of coaching, but also linking back to prior lessons and threading the needle on common themes.

I'm so thankful to have gone through coaching with Beth early in my career! I walk away from my time with her saddened that it has come to an end, but enlightened by what we learned together along the journey knowing that the lessons will serve me the rest of my life.

Nicolle Block
Vice President, Irwin R Rose / Amalgamated Management Corporation.

Through my coaching with Beth, I have experienced a shift in where I put my energy and focus, balancing what serves my purpose and what is the noise that distracts me from my path.  I have total ownership over how I react to my environment and that is powerful.

Beth is creative, calm, and curious.  She creates a safe space for me to give feedback - never judging or hurrying me along.  She is able to adapt our conversations to what I need in the moment, which makes our time together efficient and impactful.  I always walk away from our meetings feeling grateful for our time together.

Courtney Vitek, CAM
Vice President Of Operations- MLDC

Beth is Amazing! Being a part of the ground floor of a new company, I knew my role as vice president would require me to find a way to grow professionally in order to elevate our organization to the next level. Beth's Coaching program was referred to me by another peer and I knew instantly this would be a good fit. Beth's ability to connect and challenge my personal pain points in a way that I could accept, comprehend have not only propelled a better unity within our organization, it's given me the gift of balance in my life.

Carol Martin
President, Camp Gladiator

After 4 years in an executive leadership role, I needed to learn how to work with all different types of personalities and get the most out of my team with clear understanding for overall growth and the growth in our relationship.

Once I went through coaching with Beth I was not only able to understand others better, but also how and why they responded to me and heightened my self awareness. This allowed me to then have been interactions that built trust in working relationships. 

Beth allowed me a chance to strengthen working relationships with better understanding that in turn helped our company grow in a smoother and more efficient way.

Chris Noonan
Regional President, Equitable Advisors

Beth’s emotional intelligence is one of her most endearing qualities. She has the ability to listen with her whole heart, mind, body and soul. As a student of personal and professional development she has the ability to tap her deep knowledge to help others put together a plan for their personal progress and development. It is never about Beth’s agenda but about the agenda we establish together. She has a unique way to be spontaneous in dealing with the needs of the moment. Beth has the ability to force me to stop, reflect and think deeper than I would ever on my own. Blessed to have you as friend and personal coach, others should be so lucky.

Ken Jenkins
Crisis Response Strategist, Author, Coach

I could not have found a more focused, professional humorous and insightful executive coach. Beth Cory is a Godsend.

I was looking for an executive coach to help me delve deeper into a new business adventure. Through her calm demeanor and her focused coaching sessions I was able to concentrate on what was more important in terms of strategy and tactics. Beth asks about desired outcomes then works to create a plan of action to achieve those outcomes. I have learned more about myself personally and professionally because of Beth’s leadership, intuition, guidance and questions.

Erica Gretzler
Regional Manager, AMLI

I will utilize the insights I gained through Beth's coaching for years and years to come. 

I was offered the opportunity to partake in leadership development after being promoted to a regional position within my company. I happily accepted not knowing exactly what to expect. My boss teamed me with Beth, and I am grateful for this partnership.

Beth has a natural ability to shine a light on strengths within, and she organically allows her participant to discover these. She then builds upon these discoveries to create a solid foundation for excellent leadership.

Tom Ogburn
Executive Leader

As I look back on my career so far, I often refer back to working with Beth as a significant moment in my development. Much of the foundation of my leadership approach developed under her mentorship. There is no doubt in my mind that anyone that works with Beth Cory and Enliven Coaching will look back on their experience with a similar view. Your experience will be a meaningful part of your success.

Tom Gardner
Financial Advisor

I have had the privilege to work with Beth previous as a colleague and then fortunately as an executive coach. Beth has given me the support and guidance in looking at new opportunities and the encouragement to leap (sometimes a gentle push) towards them. I can’t imagine not utilizing Beth’s skills and talents.

John Romero
Retired Lt Colonel

As I was transitioning from the military to a civilian job, I reached out to Beth Cory to help with the transition. She was instrumental. She helped me in identify my strengths, provided resources and coaching. She provided honest feedback, great suggestions and equipped me with the tools to turn my military leadership into an executive position with a Fortune 500 Company.

James Michael
VP Sales, Retail Real Estate

Beth Cory helped me transition into a new role managing a sales team of former peers. What I needed most what support in entering this leadership position effectively while creating trust immediately. She helped me down this path without telling me what to do, but by leading me through my own thought process to come up with a best approach and plan. The results have been tremendous. Beth’s past leadership experience with her strong presences as a coach was a perfect combination.

Sally Vogel
VP Sales, Lexis Nexis Government

Beth Cory’s approach is clear around expectations, she provides training, tools and support required for success. She is relentless about execution. Beth demonstrates an infectious energy through her involvement, the “Beth “ factor. She is a person that people aspire to be, a leader with great business acumen but a personality you want to have over for Sunday night dinner with your family.

Sales Executive

I was at a crossroads and searching for my next career challenge and was struggling to make that breakthrough. Beth was recommended to me and I jumped at the chance to coach with her.

With Beth’s kind demeanor, leadership ability and professional processes I found the guidepost I needed.
I was ready to make positive changes in my life course. In working with Beth I felt empowered, motivated and had a smile on my face every hour we worked together. Open yourself and engage. Your experience will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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